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A small heart of stone to give to those you love.

Discover the properties of Lapis lazuli, eye of the tiger, amethyst, jade and rose quartz.


PriceFrom €13.00
VAT Included |
  • AMETHYST: Helps to overcome difficulties and strengthen spirituality. Dimensions: 2.95x3cm.
    PINK JADE: Gives calm, clarity of ideas and rebalances emotions. Dimensions: 3x3cm.
    LAPIS LAZULI: Known as the "stone of friendship", it favors the manifestation of one's emotions and improves interpersonal relationships. Dimensions: 2.95x3.05cm.
    TIGER'S EYE: Gives stability, protection and positive vibes. Dimensions: 2.4x2.9cm.
    ROSE QUARTZ: Stone of love, strengthens in times of vulnerability. Dimensions: 2.9x3cm.

  • The color and size of the stones may have slight differences due to the cut.

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