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It is a magnetic and fascinating stone, one of the most used gems since 3000 BC in Egypt, South Africa and Mesopotamia. Connected to the water element and to the female universe in general, this volcanic stone works on the whole sphere of the nervous system, not only on a psychological level but also on pathologies such as fatigue headaches and migraines, it helps fight insomnia and drive away negative thoughts. Symbol of simplicity and immediacy, it helps to achieve mental clarity.


Its green-turquoise color is wonderful and recalls the reflections of the sea. Amazonite helps us to descend within ourselves, to get to know each other better.
It is a stone with great energy that rebalances emotions, calms the mind, makes thoughts and communication more fluid. Increases self-esteem by helping to regain one's inner strength. It protects against negative influences and is useful for meditation by promoting inner calm.


Aquamarine promotes clarity of feelings, reducing anger and amplifying empathy and compassion. It enhances sensitivity towards oneself and others. Its known transparency is synonymous with honesty, purity of mind and altruism. It's the stone that teaches you to look to the future with positivity and to embark on an introspective journey. Its element is water and for this reason it is associated with emotions, femininity, reconciliation, dreams, sensitivity, peace and sleep.


Carnelian, in all its possible nuances, has been for centuries the stone that protected against negative energies. This stone helps to better channel the body's energies, improves physical and mental resistance, helps restore motivation and constancy, improves concentration and supports in meditative phases.
It is a stone with revitalizing properties, drives away envy and resentment, improves creativity and helps to maintain contact with reality in moments of discomfort.



In ancient times agate was considered a protective stone, a real ally to achieve one's goals by overcoming obstacles and interferences of all kinds. Despite this, it does not promote action but introspection. It is therefore excellent for those who tend to act on impulse and without thinking too much, in order not to waste energy but aim it towards the achievement of objectives. On a mental level this volcanic stone offers a sense of security and protection.


In nature, aventurine takes on various colors, from bright green to pale blue to reddish-orange. Stimulates receptivity and creativity, brings serenity by contributing to the development of new ideas, one's own and those of others. Aventurine develops patience and the desire to compare oneself with others. It helps to see the good in the little everyday things, thus facilitating those dynamics of increasing self-esteem and confidence in one's abilities thanks to which it is possible to achieve one's goals.


This stone helps to create a mental sense of order and calm, encourages rationality, objectivity, truth and intuition, as well as strengthening the expression of one's feelings. Sodalite brings emotional balance and calms anxiety and, by strengthening the sense of identity and self-esteem, it also helps to understand when it is time to fight more tenaciously for the realization of one's dreams.


Stone of the goddess Athena, it gives strength, courage, protection in difficult times, mental clarity and wisdom to face important changes in one's life. Helps maintain balance in mood swings and maintain focus on achieving one's goals. Also known as the "will stone", it stimulates the sense of practicality and is very useful for those who have to take responsibility.


It is a protective stone, symbol par excellence of success and love. It helps to keep the attention on the "here and now" in a conscious way. It has an extraordinary calming effect, especially on the level of feelings and on those who want to overcome some fears. Since jade represents the highest desires and ideals, it stimulates making the right decisions and helps to better understand emotions and their cyclicality.


Useful stone during the phases of change and transformation or in times of difficulty, because it allows you to stay centered on yourself. It increases self-mastery and emotional control, calms aggression, infuses calm and unblocks any tensions that block vitality and creativity. It helps to free oneself from old beliefs and limiting attitudes, giving impetus to new ideas and greater awareness.


It is considered the stone of truth and enlightenment, promotes mental and spiritual purity, stimulates the intellect, helps to organize one's thoughts and develop self-control. Also known as the "friendship stone", it makes you extrovert and helps to overcome shyness, a sense of loneliness and inadequacy. It stimulates artistic creativity in all its expressions and is a good source of inspiration in creative works.


Its properties promote creativity, spiritual wisdom and knowledge, freeing from external conditioning. Also useful for women to manage their emancipation. Gives freedom of thought, attracts confidence, physical strength, ability to concentrate and will to win. It brings back repressed emotions to give them new life and allow them to be fully experienced, stimulating their expression.​


This stone enhances personal charm, particularly suitable for those who have difficulty accepting their physical appearance or for those who give more importance to the external aspect while neglecting the spiritual one. Stone of happiness and vitality, it instills hope and confidence, favors the renewal of personal perspective and facilitates changes by eliminating indecisions, especially for those who fear them. Stimulates fantasy, intuition and imagination.


Stone of maturity, the Black Onyx promotes self-control, discipline and a sense of responsibility. This stone promotes self-perception by inducing work on oneself, especially useful for those who tend to be conditioned by external elements, because it stimulates the strengthening of one's individuality and one's goals. Also suitable for disoriented people who engage in inconclusive activities or who have difficulty concentrating on important tasks. 



From the Greek Ἀπαιτέω “apatao”, “who deceives”. The name Apatite derives from the variety of colors with which this stone occurs in nature. In fact, it is often mistaken for peridot, topaz, aquamarine, tourmaline and beryl, depending on its color which varies from blue and neon green to petrol blue, from purple to golden yellow.
Apatite helps to eliminate mental confusion and focus ideas to make them feasible in practice; develops confidence in speech and behavior, helps self-expression and communication, makes extrovert and loyal to others.
It infuses vitality and helps to recover after a moment of weakness. Fights apathy and depressions by relieving sorrows.


For the Assyrians, in ancient Egypt and in Greek culture, rose quartz has always represented eternal youth, beauty and fertility. There are many legends that also tell of his bond with love. This soft colored stone gives calm, harmony and promotes the purest feelings.

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