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Silvia Cesarini 


Graduated in languages, traveler and lover of art in all its forms. She has always had a humanistic approach to everything around her. Through various personal experiences she approached the world of bijoux as an autodidact, finding over the years the most congenial and representative expression of her inner world. Strongly driven by an innate aesthetic sense, she believes that life is a path of experimentation and personal growth that inevitably leads back to a universal whole. In this dynamic the natural elements, such as wood and stones, merge and become symbols through which to express one's nature. Always attracted to all that is culturally different, Silvia offers, through her creations with an Ethno Chic taste, a new journey each time, full of colors, materials and references of ethnic inspiration. The recent achievement of the Image Consultant certificate at the Accademia del Lusso in Milan and the desire to deepen the techniques in the field of goldsmithing, contribute to the improvement of Silvia's style, as well as to bring to her activity important notions, useful in choice of a jewel or any accessory.

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